Our Story


we’re here to provide the freshest seafood in the region

who are we?

We’re locals with roots buried deep in the Surf Coast sand.
As coastal people the ocean is our lifeblood; a cherished place where we work, rest and play. Salt water is in our veins.
Our beautiful home offers so much, but we’ve been conscious of one missing ingredient – fresh, premium seafood, available locally. ICFood is excited to fill that void.


what we’re about

Unless you’re pulling whiting out of Zeally Bay yourself, hauling in bream at Spring Creek or landing salmon at Jan Juc front beach, you won’t find fresher, better seafood in the region. We collect it from the market in the morning, you pick it up from Bomboras Restaurant or East Fruit Market that afternoon. It’s that simple, and that good.

We’ve done our research, you’ve told us what you want, and we’re ready to meet that need. We’re passionate local people bringing fresh, premium seafood to the surf coast – that’s the ICFood story. 

Paradise just got a little better.

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