Partnership with WildArk

As you will read below WildArk are doing some amazing things in the realm of Environmental Conservation and Animal Conservation. We want to help! So we are contributing the cost of every one of our cooler bags and donations from various charity nights or events to this amazing cause. We will be doing everything we can to minimise our environmental footprint and help the people and organisations doing great things.

ICFood wants to move towards being as sustainable as we can and are hoping to get any suggestions we can for how we can do that. This is just the start and our main priority is getting you, the customer, fresh, premium seafood you can enjoy with your family. This is just one small way we can start to help now!


About WildArk

WildArk is a registered non-for-profit with a vision to protect as much of the world’s biodiversity as possible and inspire people to reconnect with nature.

Our mission is to secure parts of identified green belts around the world to protect biodiversity as a way of conserving wildlife. We invest in scientific research to deliver actionable outcomes that lead to better understanding of biodiversity, as well as share positive and uplifting stories to connect people with nature and inspire each of us to protect the world’s wild places.

In just two years since establishment, WildArk has secured two wildlife conservancies, Pridelands a 4500 acre former buffalo hunting property in South Africa that was rewilded and transformed into a nature conservancy in 2017; and Tuke Rainforest Conservancy, a 42 000 acre conservancy in the remote Nakanai Mountains of New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea.

ICFOOD Tuke Rainforest Conservancy

Tuke Rainforest Conservancy

Tuke Rainforest Conservancy is the organisations most significant conservation project to date, and is being implemented in partnership with the Tuke community with the aim to protect their rainforest from logging and to preserve their ancient way of life.

WildArk was founded by passionate conservationists Mark and Sophie Hutchinson from Sydney, Australia, who are concerned about the perils facing the world’s wild places. Together with their team, they are working to protect our wild places to ensure they are secured for future generations.

For more information please visit the WildArk website.